Track Sizes and Characteristics

garage door track repair salem oregonThe Different Types Of Garage Door Tracks

Some garage door tracks come galvanized for protection against rust/corrosion. Earlier tracks were simply protected by black paint. Vertical track lengths range most commonly from 6’4” up through 14’4”, in 12” gradations. Tracks can be purchased in 1 (commercial), 2 (Residential/Commercial) and 3 (Heavy residential/Industrial) inch widths.  Residential tracks commonly measure 0.055, .062 and .075 inch in width. 


Track Lift Types

Standard lift

Standard lift tracks are primarily used for residential applications. A standard lift consists of a vertical track, rising to door height and a curved section turning back to the remainder of the horizontal track. In tandem, these work to make the door rise and travel to a horizontal position above the garage floor.

Vertical lift

Vertical lift systems, primarily used for commercial and industrial applications, consist of a track which rises vertically but includes an additional vertical track pitched away from the interior wall allowing for the spring assembly.

High lift

High lift systems combine a vertical track, a shorter horizontal track, and a high lift extension depending on application. Residential applications may start with a high lift track and if not, call us to have a professional perform a high lift conversion.


Garage Door Track Repair and Replacement

Broken cable and/or cable drum connection. If you attempt to close the door, the door will bend sideways and bend the track.

Roller displacement may occur as an indicator of track issues to come. This results from a lack of regular maintenance. Failure to lubricate rollers leads to inflexibility and bending of the horizontal track.

Lock strikers cause significant scraping which can eventually split in the track.

Road salt, rust or other corrosive chemicals can compromise the galvanization on the track, making a replacement necessary. Natural deterioration results from various sources based on geographic location (if you live by the sea, sea salt will easily corrode your tracks.

Commercial accidents often involve heavy equipment such as forklifts. Minimize risk by installing protective yellow posts near each garage door in a warehouse or plant. Trucks slamming into the dock or building often prove to be fatal to tracks.

Metal fatigue in the horizontal track arises naturally with use: normal shifting of the foundation, etc.