Salem Garage Door Spring Repair

Having issues with your garage door springs? Well you’ve found the best resource for spring repair and replacement! Salem Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacement by D&L is the most reliable repair company in town, offering the lowest prices around. We use only the highest quality parts for repair while still offering you the lowest possible price available. Our technicians are competitively recruited and undergo intensive hands-on training for weeks as well as an extensive background check to insure that only the most reliable, trustworthy licensed technicians work on your home. We work 24/7 to insure you get help when life happens!

Types of Garage Door Springs & Parts

Most homeowners never pay attention to their springs until they break. Most describe the sound of a garage door spring breaking as a loud bang similar to a gunshot. This is because the spring is under intense pressure and can become a projectile if not attached to the wall by a safety cable and is usually accompanied by the garage door falling off the tracks. When this happens, it helps to understand the types of springs there are and the differences between them. While an annual inspection and maintenance routine are appropriate, NEVER ATTEMPT TO REPAIR OR REPLACE GARAGE DOOR SPRINGS YOURSELF! All springs utilize extreme tension and can cause serious injury and/or death. Warning done, here’s the differences in the types of springs available for residential garage doors as well as several parts and when a professional may be needed:

Extension Springs garage door extension spring repair

• Most common type of garage door spring
• Cheaper than Torsion Springs
• Usually located above horizontal tracks on both sides of the door
• Opens door by extending or stretching

Torsion Springs garage door torsion spring repair

• Usually located above garage door opening
• Can support more weight than Extension Springs
• Lasts twice as long as Extension Springs
• Opens door by slowly coiling on the shaft
• Usually specific to door weight, height, and track radius

Garage Door Safety Cables

• A garage door with extension springs will have a safety cable on each side of the door running through the spring and attached to the wall or ceiling and help control a broken spring from flying across the room.
• If you have extension springs on your garage door but can’t find any safety cables, call us and get a pair installed.

Garage Door Spring Brackets

• Garage door springs are attached to brackets on the bottom of the garage door. These brackets are also under a lot of tension and should only be adjusted by a professional.

Out of Balance Springs garage door safty cables

• Try operating the garage door manually (pull the cord attached to the arm). If the door continues to be difficult to operate, the springs are most likely out of balance.
• If this type of issue can only be repaired by a licensed professional.


While and annual inspection and maintenance are appropriate, you should always call a professional when it comes to spring repair.