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Garage Door Openers Salem Oregon

Most people only pay attention to their garage door openers when they stop working. And when that happens, simple repairs may not always be enough to bring your opener back to life. As a homeowner, you may be presented, possibly for the first time, with the task of replacing your garage door opener. Choosing a compatible opener is crucial to not only the functionality of your garage door but is vital in preventing further damages from occurring. Here’s what you should ask when choosing a new garage door opener.
What brand, make, or model do you want/need? Choosing the correct one depends on several factors but the best place to start is where you already are. Try finding an updated version of the system you already have utilizing the technical specifications of your opener; getting a replacement that provides the same output.
Do you buy in-store or online? Shopping in-store allows you to see and touch a potential candidate before committing to a purchase. Any supplier will carry large selections of brands, style, power ratings, etc. Additionally, recent federal laws now require particular safety equipment to prevent damage to property and injury or death, like sensors, to now be included in all systems.
Shopping online affords you the opportunity to read what others who have purchased that particular product have to say about it. Most websites will offer testimonials and reviews voluntarily provided by their customers. You can compare different models or brands, you can shop more effectively and efficiently but less tangibly. garage door opener installation salem oregon

Style and Function

Openers come in three types:

Screw Drive

• Usually for single-panel doors
• Quieter than chain drive systems
• Long-lasting, dependable

Chain Drive

• Most popular for residential/commercial use
• Appropriate for heavier doors

Belt Drive

• Gold Standard in performance and reliability
• Operates silently
• Not much more expensive than other systems

Things you’ll want to take note of:

• height and width of the door
• insulation value
• construction material of the door


If your door is more than 20’ wide, you’ll need at least one-half horsepower. This is the most popular motor for residential and commercial applications. Heavier doors, particular wood doors, will require at least three-fourths horsepower. These motors tend to last longer than half-horsepower motors but only just. One horsepower motors are the most efficient and most appropriate for the heaviest of doors.Additionally, typical openers operate at about 7” per second but there are options on the market that operate at a much higher speed. You may also want to consider accessories such as wireless exterior keypads and brighter opener bulbs.

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