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For more than 20 years, D&L Garage Doors Salem has been the most trusted, and most reliable repair company in Oregon. Our quick response times and low prices are at the root of our high success rate. Our customers feel at ease that we take their garage door issues as seriously as they do and do everything we can to repair or replace their garage doors as quickly and as affordable as possible.

Serving Salem and the entire Willamette Valley .With Competitive Pricing & 24-Hour Residential Garage Door Emergency Repair Service We’re Salem Premier Garage Door Repair Company

D&L Garage Door Repair in Salem! We Are Locally Owned And Operated Fully Licensed Bonded And Insured!
D&L Garage Doors Salem A Division Of Doors And Locks Guy Oregon CCB# 194109 .

How We Do It

Our locally-owned and operated company works with some of the industry’s top manufacturers and suppliers, allowing us to provide the highest quality of products and services that our customers need at the lowest possible prices. Contact us for more information regarding specific repairs or to have one of our licensed technicians inspect your garage door and present you with the best possible options available to your home. From simple repairs to major replacements, we can do it better than our competitors at a fraction of the cost! And, because we offer 24/7 service there’s no need to call in to work! We’ll head over when it’s convenient FOR YOU! We even offer anextended warranty on our products and services! We’re confidence that you’ll be satisfied with your new or like-new garage door!


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Garage Door Service in Salem: For the customer and with the customers

When garage doors do not work properly, the owners of the building get annoyed. This is a common thing because garage doors are heavy in nature and need maintenance. Many companies providing repairing services are available in Salem Oregon. Well known companies offer Garage Door Service in Salem Oregon. The companies are licensed so a person can rely on them. In this busy life schedule people do not get time to take services during day. Most of the time either they are available at night or in the evening. These companies work round the clock to provide exceptional services to the common people. This is the reason why more and more people take their services.

Before choosing any service provider, a person should do a thorough research about any company. There would be ample companies that provide Garage Door Spring Repair. A well-known company would be famous and many other people would hire them. Such companies can be easily grasped with the help of the internet. Reading the reviews, ratings would broaden the thinking of customers.

Our Technicians

Our technicians go through a weeks-long intensive, hands-on training to handle a range of issues including:
• Door Repair and Replacement
• Cable Repair and Replacement
• Track Adjustment, Repair and Replacement
• Spring Replacement
• Opener Repair and Replacement
• Sensor Alignment
• Remote Programming
• Key Pad Programming
• Garage Door Lockouts
• And More!
Additionally, our technicians go through a highly competitive recruiting process and extensive background check to insure that only the most reliable, customer-friendly, licensed technicians arrive at your home. All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded and come fully stocked with parts. This means we can get your door working TODAY!

Here are some main reasons why garage door repairs become important:


Staying safe and secure is primary crucial in a person’s life. This is the reason why there are locks for doors. If a burglar attack or theft occurs through the garage, there would be no one to help. These situations can be overcome through certain measure and precautions. One of the main precautions is Garage Door Spring Repair. Repairing the springs of the doors from time to time increases the durability of the doors. Garage doors are heavy so maintenance becomes an issue.
Maintenance of garage doors is best done by technicians of a garage repair company. These companies have trained professionals for the job. Experienced companies offer services for more than 10 years which helps in their business and also earning a name. This makes them famous in the city of Salem.


Experienced professionals of D&L Garage Doors Salem, OR are able to deal with any issue of a garage door. They would help in troubleshooting the problems. A stuck door can be painful, because many people might get locked inside. A faulty spring, opener, transmitter or roller can lead to a mishap. A trained technician works with an engineering focus to achieve the goals. It would not be a messy situation because these people have knowledge about the type of work.


People search for a company which provides warranty. Proper functioning of the door becomes necessary. Whenever it shows defects, the technicians should be able to give free services. Analysing the matter and conducting few tests on the door is done by technicians. After that they start their work. Warranty can be for 6 months or 1 year as per the terms and conditions of the company. This is the certificate which becomes crucial whenever the door jams. Garage Door Service in Salem, also provides a scrutiny session after repairing garage door.
This is done to ensure whether hinges or locks are properly attached. Customers experience warranties where discounts and offers are given. Valuable customers are provided a discount on the total value of work.

Things Our Customers Have Said

“I called D&L at 4 in the morning because as I was leaving for work, my garage door decided to get stuck open. Not wanting to have anything get stolen, I called around to multiple companies to no avail. Luckily, I found these guys! They were extremely delightful on the phone and very prompt coming over to my home. They were able to fix the problem on the spot, and for way less than I thought. Will be saving your contact information for future occasions. Thanks guys.”

“These guys are awesome. They replaced my broken track on the spot and were very fast. Thanks a lot.”

“Our garage door opener remote seemed to have legs because one day it just disappeared. After hours of searching for it we finally decided to call for a new one. We were surprised at how expensive most companies prices were until we found this company. The guy was super fast at getting to our home and had a brand new remote for our type of garage door opener already with him. If this one decides to walk off too, we already know who we’re calling! Thanks again!”

“Truly Five stars in my book. I will keep their number and will be calling D&L Garage Door back for any problem with my garage door and opener .”

“My teen daughter decided it would be a good idea to test drive the car without a license and ended up crashing into my garage. Luckily only a couple of panels were broken and not the entire door, but I didn’t know if it would still be able to function or not. I called D&L and they were very professional, the technician did not try to up sell me anything and he replaced the panels on the spot. If my daughter ever decides to go on a joy ride again, I’ll definitely be calling D&L.”  Garage Doors Salem Oregon

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