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D&L Garage Doors a locally owned garage door repair company with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.
Our high standard of service and use of the highest quality parts distinguish our company as the Premier Salem Oregon Garage Door Repair Company.
Our Salem garage door repair technicians go through a weeks-long intensive, hands-on training to handle a range of issues including:

• Door Repair and Replacement
• Cable Repair and Replacement
• Track Adjustment, Repair and Replacement
• Spring Replacement
• Opener Repair and Replacement
• Sensor Alignment
• Remote Programming
• Keypad Programming
• Garage Door Lockouts
• And More!

Why our garage door technicians are the best in Salem, OR ?

All of our technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded and come fully stocked with parts. This means we can get your door working TODAY – IN AN AFFORDABLE Manner!

Additionally, our technicians go through a highly competitive recruiting process and extensive background check to insure that only the most reliable, customer-friendly, licensed technicians arrive at your home.

Salem Oregon garage doors repair

Garage Door Repair, Why Not Do It Yourself?

In this, the Golden Age of the Internet it is incredibly simple and quick to find websites that describe the methods and techniques used in any industry that enable the untrained to perform tasks that would ordinarily be done by a licensed technician. When it comes to building a shed or designing home décor, DIY projects can be fun and much cheaper than hiring someone to do it for you. However, when it comes to your garage door, DIY is not such a great idea, and here’s why:

Reasons to Trust Professionals

• Repairs done incorrectly can cost you way more to fix later!
• There are special tools that are specifically designed for making garage door repair more efficient, saving time & money!
• Most supply stores will only sell parts to licensed technicians
• Only a licensed technician can give you an accurate diagnosis: they can tell you when you need to repair versus replace.
• Garage door repair is hazardous: from electrical wires, moving mechanical parts, to heavy lifting, there are numerous dangers that can put an untrained technician in the hospital, or worse!

Causes of Injury

The most common causes of injury from garage door systems include:

  1. Garage Doors may fall if the spring is broken or incorrectly repaired
  2. The springs and other parts attached to the springs are all under high tension that can cause severe injury or even death if broken or incorrectly repaired
  3. Garage door openers use electricity which can shock or kill if mishandled
  4. Door sections as well as rollers and other moving parts can pinch or injure fingers or hands when opening or closing your garage door
  5. Improperly adjusted sensors will not indicate to the opener when it is necessary to stop opening or closing your garage door


So while it may seem less expensive and even fun to repair your own garage door, it may actually cost you more if done incorrectly, take longer to repair (if a supplier will sell you the part), and poses serious potential injury and/or death. Play on the side of caution and consult a professional!

Garage Doors Salem Oregon

We Provide Garage Door Repair Services In Zip codes:

97301 | 97302 | 97303 | 97304 | 97305 | 97306 | 97308 | 97309 | 97310 | 97311 | 97312 | 97314 | 97317

If you can’t see your Zip Code please call us, as We are able to help! May just take a bit longer to get to you.

What Is The Cost Of Garage Door Repair In Salem Oregon

Garage door repair can be expensive and cost just as much time. We are committed to offering the highest quality products & services at the lowest prices available. However, there are many factors that can affect the cost of your repair or replacement:

Affecting Cost-factors

• Type of repair
• If parts needed
• Size and capacity of parts
• If programming is needed
• Installation issues
• Overall difficulty of repair

Your Expectations

What you can expect from us is a quote, upfront from one of our licensed technicians, prior to any work done. We work 24/7 which means there is NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR LATE NIGHT / EARLY MORNING SERVICE REQUESTS. Additionally, we will match our competitors’ deals while getting the job done faster. For basic pricing information, please call (503) 379-0777

When To Repair The Garage Door Versus When To Replace The Garage Door

A garage door repair is almost always going to be less expensive than a replacement, however, it may not always be avoidable. Knowing when to repair your garage door versus replacing can mean the world to your wallet:

Repair Your Overhead Garage Door

  • If your garage door does not open or close
  • If your garage door is moving slowly
  • If your garage door has a damaged panel

Replace Your Overhead Garage Door

  • If your garage door is dented or damaged
  • Upgrading for aesthetic reasons

Obviously, this is not a complete list of all the possible issues that can arise with your garage door but it should help give you an idea of when to repair your garage door, or spring for a new one!

What Kind Of Garage Door Do I Have?

It always helps to know precisely what kind of garage door you have. Garage doors come in a variety of types and materials, each that have their own advantages and disadvantages as well as their varying degrees in pricing. The perfect garage door will complement the look of your home while offering you the most protection, efficiency, energy savings, and low maintenance costs. Here is a list of the different kinds of residential garage doors as well as the materials they may be constructed from:

Single Panel Garage Doors

• Constructed from one Panel
• Opens by swinging up in an arc motion, part of the door extends outside of the garage
• Hinge on both sides

Sectional Garage Doors

• Constructed of three to nine panels
• Opens by sliding up and overhead
• Each panel has its own connection to the track

Roller Doors

• Usually constructed of corrugated steel, sometimes corrugated fiberglass
• Opens by rolling straight up
• preloaded spring inside the rolling mechanism

Carriage Doors

• Constructed of two panels
• Opens by swinging outward and to the side, like normal doors
• Hinges on both sides
• Vertical Handles on the exterior, near center

Garage Door Materials

• Steel – Very Common, Cost-Competitive, Very Strong Impact Resistance
• Aluminum – Cheap, Light, Low-Maintenance
• Wood – High Aesthetic Value, Strong Impact Resistance
• Fiberglass – High Quality Material, Strong Impact Resistance
• Vinyl – High Quality Material, Strong Impact Resistance
• Insulation – Prevents overheating and freezing problems

It helps to know what kind of door you want and need BEFORE you buy it!


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